September 16-18, 2024

II Vertical Dance Meeting

We welcome you to the II Vertical Dance Meeting, organized by the City Council of Bilbao in collaboration with the Company La Glo Zirko eta Dantza.

It is a meeting aimed at semi-professionals and professionals of vertical dance and harness work, where training will take place in different areas, there will be lectures, courses, laboratories and, finally, there will be a final exhibition of vertical dance pieces and, of course, good times of coexistence among all participants.
We invite you to participate in this second edition by filling out this form. Once we receive all the registrations, if they exceed the quota we have planned, we will have to make a selection, since the maximum number of participants that we can have this year will be 30.
In order to participate, it will be essential to have an adequate accident insurance for this type of activity and, if anyone needs advice on how to get it, you can contact us.
We also ask you to bring your own material to be able to carry out the different trainings.
The registration fee is 75 €. This amount includes the different trainings and lunch for the three days.

The deadline for submitting this form will be May 25th. At the beginning of June the list of participants will be made public and it will be necessary to pay the registration fee into the account number that we will send you.
The workshops and lectures will be given in the facilitator’s mother tongue and translation may be requested from colleagues or facilitators, but the organization does not commit itself to an official or professional translation.