Vertical dance


Everything is connected, from the deepest depths of the ocean to the most far away galaxy, all of it. This is the sacred bond that unites us. It is the inheritance of the time, the seed of creation that we all carry inside us.

In Sacred we propose a journey through all of these divine geometries which give sense to life.

It is a spectacle of dance and projection which invites self-reflection on the note that vibrates in us, inside the music sheet from the heartbeat of the universe.

A spectacle that you cannot miss to be able to feel what we embrace and what is embracing us.


When we sleep, our body remains as if it was dead; it neither sees, nor hears or feels anything, it has no consciousness or perception. Our bodies’ faculties become inactive, but the spirits live and subsist. We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping; physically, we can’t live without dreaming, it is as basic as breathing or drinking. I wonder where all the dreams go, do they disappear or are they simply left flying in the air? Do they get mixed in the collective? There is a special atmosphere on rooftops, it feels like dreams are kept there. When you dance in the air, you can actually see those dreams and interact with them in a dance of dreams. Have you ever dreamed? And have you ever dreamed that you were flying? And that you were transporting? There are universal dreams, it is like a language, no matter your race or class. There are other dreams which are  more personal too. There is a world of dreams; I want to keep dreaming and take care of my dreams. But there is also a world of collective dreams that we also have to take care of, as their reality has no limits. We all are capable of dreaming, and maybe we can even change our world through them.


PERSPECTIVE, as a point of view on both a physical and emotional plane, is something we have to deal with in our lives; from birth to death, living beings go through a complex and in some cases, extensive physical and mental development. Understandably, our perspective
is changed more than once during our lifetime. Starting with our physical growth, which causes us to see the world from different heights during our early years, the same situation will not have the same effect at different stages of our lives.
Experiences provide us with elements that gradually alter certain concepts, which inevitably leads to changes in the way we understand our environment and react to the events around us.
Our perspective of dance is very different depending on the plane from which you look at it and our vision is limited and we do not have access to all possible perspectives. So we would like to carry out group experiments with several people, teeth and thus be able to see the different perspectives of vision and execution that each person would experience, taking into account factors that we know would make us start from visions, so we can create contrasts and differences, and to understand them better, applied not so much from the
intellect but from the body or from a vision with is dance and its multiple forms of expression that allows us to open even more that range of perspectives.

Site-specific shows

Tell us your idea and bugett,and we will advise you adapting to your needs

The vertical dance shows can be adapted with the number of artists and the needs of the building, we make a detailed study of the technical assembly and the possibilities that the architecture of the building will offer, thus being able to get the best value in quality, staging.

If you need a special theme or adapt to the building to highlight some type of architectural prominence, do not love making this type of proposal.

As well as we have a big range of artists and riggres, with experience for all kinds of productions. With tecnhical certificates if required.

Hire shows

Contact us for bookings or any further queries.


Hire shows

Contact us for bookings or any further queries.